A must see film

2 Jul

Last weekend Catherine and I went to see An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary of Al Gore’s presentation on global warming. Lots of things struck me about this film:

  • Global warming is not a hoax. The scientists all agree that it’s real. The only people who deny it are those who feel they’ll lose money if global warming is real.
  • This was a brilliant presentation–no bullet points on any of the slides. If you’re going to fill up your slides with text, just give me a lousy paper to read.
  • Al Gore has a sense of humor–really.
  • Al Gore doesn’t make a dime off of the presentations he gives.
  • You and I can do something to solve the problem, and we need to pressure our elected representatives to do something on a larger scale.
  • Apple’s Keynote software never looked better.

Go see the movie. Buy the book. And then do something for the love of God. It’s not hard to do, might cost a little money, but it’s a small investment with a big payout.


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