Holy crap!

28 Jul

Sometimes here in Indiana we can be blissfully ignorant of stuff going on in other states. I live a few miles from the Indiana-Michigan state line, and so we get some of the Michigan political advertising. Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, the Democrat, is in a tight battle with Dick De Vos, the Republican candidate.

When I saw the De Vos ads, I thought to myself “This sounds like the same crap that Mitch Daniels put out in his campaign. The guy even kind of looks like Daniels–short and receding hairline.” I hoped that Michigan’s voters would be smart enough to see what we Hoosiers had done and avoid repeating our mistake.

Today I learned even more about Dick De Vos. He’s a damn billionaire. Yes, a billionaire. Ever heard of Amway? That’s the guy. And this dude and his family, along with his business partner’s family, have spent megabucks to repeal the federal estate tax.

De Vos is listed as being worth $3.4 billion by Forbes Magazine–he’s one of the 400 richest people in America. If his lobbying paid off, he’d save about $1.3 billion in estate taxes.

No wonder the guy wants to get into politics. He’s not interested in being governor. He wants to be President. And he wants to get rid of that estate tax bill he has hanging over himself.

Come on, Michigan voters, defeat this guy soundly!


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