Why the “news” isn’t worth anything

28 Jul

Watch this video and you’ll understand why the morning “news” programs are worthless.

I don’t care if some stupid snake was dumb enough to ingest a small Volvo. I don’t care if Paris Hilton bought a new dog. I don’t care if dogs can do silly tricks. Those things are not going to affect whether my country is going to go to war, might be in trouble, or whether the economy is headed downhill (a topic for another post).

It’s really, really sad that it takes a comedy show to point out the stupidity that runs rampant in Washington DC among our so-called “leaders.” But it’s frightening that the comedy shows are the only way to find out about the power-grabbing actions of people in DC.

Where’s the so-called Liberal Media in all of this?  Why aren’t they telling me what’s going on? Would Walter Cronkite tell us about snakes swallowing electric blankets, or would he tell us that the situation in Iraq is worse than we think it is?


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