Screw my loyal supporters

16 Aug

After Joe Lieberman’s loss to Ned Lamont in Connecticut’s Senate primary, Joe Lieberman declares that he has more loyalty to the country than to his (former) party.

Forgive me, Senator, but what about all the people who consider themselves Democrats who worked hard to get you elected to your various offices? Are you willing to trash their beliefs in a better America so you can soothe your wounded ego? Losing an election hurts–no doubt about it. But the great thing about democracy is that we voters get to pick our candidates. And when there’s a primary race, then we loyal party members need to back the winner.

And, let’s not forget, Senator, that you can do much to serve this nation without being in the Senate. Look at what Al Gore is doing these days–he doesn’t need a Senate seat to be a part of the national debate on issues. Look at all the folks who show up on the Sunday morning news shows–they don’t need Senate seats to get air time to promote their views.

Senator, you claim to have been a good Democrat over the years. Some may disagree with you, but certainly by abandoning your party and running as an independent, you lose credibility. Back Mr. Lamont over the Republican challenger and stay involved in the debate.

And another thing, which goes out to Dems other than Senator Lieberman. For the love of God, stop going around saying, “Democrats need to be stronger on national security.” All you’re doing is reinforcing the Republicans’ false message. You ought to be out there saying “The Republicans talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. Democrats will–and if we let you down like the Republicans have, then vote us out.” Simple message, and far more effective.


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