My Congressional candidate is wrong

19 Aug

I’ve been supporting Joe Donnelly for election to Indiana’s 2nd House District for two election cycles now. I hope be defeats the incumbent, Chris Chocoal (R-Bristol), a multimillionaire rubber stamp for the Bush Administration.

But this morning’s South Bend Tribune reports that Joe Donnelly agrees with Chris Chocola that this week’s federal court ruling about the NSA is wrong. A federal judge in Detroit agreed with plaintiffs that the NSA’s program of monitoring communications without a warrant is a violation of the FISA statute. This statute says that the NSA must obtain a warrant to eavesdrop on communications between a US person and someone outside the US. The statute also says that the NSA can go in and ask for a warrant after the fact. In the thirty years the FISA statute has been in operation, a warrant has been refused less than 20 times.

I hope that Joe Donnelly at least read the opinion, which you can read here, before he said he thought it was wrong. I’ve read over the decision, and it’s based on plenty of court precedent. It’s a well-reasoned opinion that should not be overturned easily on appeal. In fact, it appears to rely upon a healthy dose of Sixth Circuit precedent.

So, today my support for Joe Donnelly is a little lukewarm. I would have felt much better if he had said that the so-called war on terror must be conducted in compliance with laws passed by the Congress and signed into law by prior Presidents. And that if there’s a problem with FISA, why hasn’t anyone made an effort to change the FISA statute instead of just ignoring it.

I sure hope this is just an aberration.


One Response to “My Congressional candidate is wrong”

  1. Linda Scopelitis August 21, 2006 at 7:44 am #

    I was very disappointed when I read that article. We seem to be in a downward spiral when it comes to civil rights. Between the false arguments for more security from terorists to the “We Christians are being discriminated against” advocates, our rights are being chipped away.

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