29 Aug

Is Donald Rumseld insane, or just so arrogant that he comes across that way?

In a speech today to the American Legion, he compared critics of the Bushies’ approach to the “war on terror” to those who tried to appease Hitler.

Well, excuuuse me, Mr. Secretary, but wasn’t it YOUR group that stopped going after the big terrorist, Osama bin Laden, in Afghanistan and decided to “appease” al-Qaeda by launching a war against a nation that even Mr. Bush said last week had nothing to do with 9/11???????

You know you’re in bad shape when Joe “Kissyface” Lieberman calls on you to resign. But Lieberman was wrong on that point. He should be calling on the whole damn administration to resign.

Has this administration done anything right?

  • Afghanistan–bungled, let Osama get away
  • Iraq–a total mess
  • Katrina–“You’re doing a heck of a job, Brownie”
  • Surplus: Gone
  • Deficits: Back with a vengeance
  • Oil Prices: Through the roof, and still going
  • Global Warming: What global warming?
  • The Environment: You want a little arsenic with that water?

I could keep going, but this administration is not solely to blame. The Congress gets its blame too, both parties, for not doing its job. And the voters get blame too, for electing all these morons (and re-electing them) in the first place.


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