Traditional marriage must be defended–against what???

27 Oct

In the wake of the New Jersey Supreme Court’s ruling that its state constitution requires that gay or lesbian couples be treated the same as straight couples, and that the state legislature must figure out how, the right wing has gone berserk.

First, let’s ignore that some of these right-wing folks have their own marriage problems. Bad things can happen to marriages that are irrelevant to politics.

But can someone finally explain to me what the real threat is?

I could understand the uproar if the New Jersey supreme court had said that straight couples cannot marry unless gay or lesbian couples can marry too, but that’s not what the court said.

I could understand the uproar if every time a gay or lesbian couple wed, we required a married straight couple to divorce.

Or, as Lewis Black says, I could understand the “threat” if there was a group of gays driving around in suburbia, breaking into homes at dinner time and having sex in front of the parents and kids.

But none of this stuff is going on. What we have here, folks, is a good old-fashioned monster-under-the-bed terror campaign by people who need to raise money for their political causes. They know that many people in the country aren’t entirely comfortable with notions of gay or lesbian sexual relationships, and they tap into that discomfort by creating fictitious bogeymen to scare the poor folks.

Since the only communists left in the world are either in North Korea and Cuba or are our trading partners in China, the right wing needs an enemy. For a while it was communists. For a while it was “uppity blacks” who dared to want to have the right to vote and go to the same schools as everyone else. The Jews have always been quietly on this list, although lately the right wing has realized that it gets bonus points by being feverishly pro-Israel. (Can someone explain why it’s not possible to be pro-Israel and pro-Palestine at the same time? A topic for another day…)

Bill Maher summed it up well on his show last week. So many people say they love Jesus while spewing their prejudice against people who are different, but they’ve got it backwards. The real question is whether Jesus (or his more rigid Father) would love their behavior.

Methinks not.


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