Yes, I’m still around

5 Jan

Since the Dems’ win back in November, I’ve let my political side rest for a while. But I do have a few thoughts to share:

1. It was damn cool to watch Nancy Pelosi be elected and sworn in as Speaker of the House. Thank goodness for C-SPAN’s online viewing.

2. It is refreshing to see Dems saying “we don’t think sending more troops to Iraq is a good idea” and to have it in the headlines instead of a short paragraph in a story headlined “Republicans weigh in on Iraq.”

3. The work really must begin now. Those of us who are liberals have to begin making our voices heard among voters and gently persuade them that liberal ideas are good ideas–for them and for the country as a whole.  So you need to do something–write letters to the editor, start your own blog, start a podcast, but do something. We can’t coast through 2007 and start in 2008. We must, must, must begin now.


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