More on the iPhone

11 Jan

After watching the Steve Jobs keynote speach online, I’m really enthused now about the iPhone. It’s a beautiful piece of hardware that does a lot of things far better than any lousy cell phone I’ve ever used.

But as I sit here today, I won’t order one when they are released in June. There are a couple of flaws that concern me. One, the battery isn’t accessible. That’s got to be a problem in search of a solution. Now, my wife will tell you I rarely use the cell phone I have now, so maybe my battery will live longer than most others. Maybe that’s not a big deal.

But what is a big deal to me is the Cingular network known as EDGE, which is what the iPhone uses for Internet access when it’s not around a Wi-Fi network. EDGE is slow, according to its fans. And, as I understand it, Cingular is working toward upgrading its wireless data network, so the iPhone is already using technology that will soon be replaced.

So, as much as I want an iPhone in June, I think I’ll wait for the second generation so the bugs can get worked out. Or maybe my heart will overrule my brain and I’ll be ordering one the minute they are available. 🙂


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