Further thoughts on Steve Jobs and teachers unions

26 Feb

As a few others have pointed out, if Steve Jobs is correct and teachers unions are a problem with improving our schools, then why is it that public schools in wealthy communities are so successful? Those teachers are probably unionized, but they don’t seem to have the problems that other school districts do.


One Response to “Further thoughts on Steve Jobs and teachers unions”

  1. Jack M. November 14, 2008 at 12:20 pm #

    Education (learning) is all about motivation. Parents who motivate, children who believe that learning is important to themselves. No matter how much money goes into the system or how well equipped a school may be, or even how good teachers are. If the individual child does not understand or perceive the benefits they will not take advantage of each day.

    Stop blaming the teachers or the school. It is the child and the parents who must be held accountable for the lack of learning ,
    Who is responsible for the missing homework assignments not turned in?
    Who is responsible for not being in school on test day?
    Who is responsible for Not: Etc. Etc.
    Where ,and what are the consequences for not doing the job. That’s what a child’s job is.

    It’s like going on a great vacation and spending the time in the room watching TV or playing video games. The opportunity is wasted. And since the educational community can not make children do it over, like they do in the military with boot camp, we are lost.

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