Just a little more surveillance

6 Mar

The Bush Administration wants web site operators like YouTube, Flickr, and other services that host images or videos to keep records about who uploads what–just in case something is later on determined to be illegal. So if I upload pictures to Flickr from a trip to Disney World, Flickr would have to keep a record of what I uploaded (and presumably copies of my uploads), when I uploaded it, and where I uploaded it.

Gee, not only would this potentially infringe the copyright in my photos or videos, but it seems like an awfully plain invasion of my privacy. If my photos don’t depict any illegal behavior, then why would records need to be kept?
Will these power-hungry monsters ever stop? Will the Democrats in Congress have the backbone to say “no”?

Hell, let’s just make it simple: require everyone to turn over copies of their home keys, Internet passwords, public and private encryption keys, safe combinations, etc. with their tax returns. It’d be so much more efficient than this slow creep into every last corner of our privacy


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