The no-hassle card?

26 Apr

CapitalOne likes to advertise about its “no-hassle” credit cards. Sadly, you can’t do much in today’s society without a credit card. They are convenient, but the credit card companies are beginning to really excel at dinging their customers.

Last night, I noticed that my wife’s CapitalOne account had a payment due today. Somehow I had it marked incorrectly, but that can happen.

Knowing the  due date is today, I tried to log on to the CapitalOne web site. But, I don’t have the proper password for the account. No big deal, I’ll just do a pay by phone.

So, I dial up the handy 800 number, navigate through a fairly easy voice mail menu, and then find out I’m going to get tagged for $10 for making my payment via phone.

What the hell? If it wasn’t for the fact that CapitalOne would probably ding me $39 for a late fee, I’d just mail in the darn check.  I guess I didn’t realize that the Huns featured in the CapitalOne commercials had finally managed to sack and pillage the company and take it over.


One Response to “The no-hassle card?”

  1. credit card analyzer May 1, 2007 at 2:40 am #

    It’s deplorable that credit card companies seem to be playing against their customers. Banks make their earnings with lots of fees they impose you with for different sorts of misconduct which is very difficult to avoid in fact. Even if it is a good credit card, there is always something to pay extra.

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