AND….the Dems cave

24 May

Why am I having a hard time believing this? After passing an Iraq War funding bill that contained nonbinding guidelines for troop withdrawal, Bush vetoed it. And he says he won’t sign a bill that contains nothing except all the money he wants for the war.

And the Dems wet themselves and say “okay, gee, we didn’t mean to upset you.”

What happened to all the tough, principled leadership we heard about in January? Must have been empty words.

It is no wonder that the Dems have a hard time winning elections. (Don’t tell me I’m wrong, that they won in 2006–they barely won in an election when it should have been a blowout.) They talk all they want, but when it comes to standing up for what the voters want–our troops out of the hellhole they are in, and right now fer cryin’ out loud–the Dems are afraid that the Republicans will accuse them of not supporting the troops.

As Bob Geiger notes today, four Senators have the, ahem, fortitude to stand up for this baloney: Russ Feingold, Christopher Dodd, John Kerry and Bernie Sanders. On the outside, only John Edwards–out of how many presidential candidates?–has said the Congress has to stand up to Bush. Hopefully we’ll see others join Edwards and Dodd in opposing this president who seems hellbent on proving he’s right, regardless of how many American troops die or are wounded.

What you gonna do, Hillary?

Barack, what about you?

Mr. Biden?

The bottom line is that the Repubs have outflanked the Dems in Congress. For the first time in seven years, the minority wrested control from the majority. And it will continue to happen so long as the Dems are afraid to stand up and tell the truth: the Iraq war is a disaster, there’s no way to win it due to the mismanagement, and they have to force the troops to come home. Iraq may get worse, but it will be up to others to fix it because¬† not one more American life is worth losing in this mess.


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