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It’s time for someone to organize a boycott

30 Jun

Ann Coulter is at it again. A while back, she refers to Sen. John Edwards as a “faggot.” This month, she says when she wants to say something about him, she’ll just wish he was killed in a terrorist attack.  She says that anyone named B. Hussein Obama should not use the words “hijack” and “religion” in the same sentence. Is this anything less than bigotry?

Where is the outrage?

When Don Imus said racist things about a basketball team, he got canned. So why does the same network that fired Imus continue to bring Coulter on? Why does any network give her a platform?

We need to hit the networks where they feel it–by telling their advertisers we’re not going to support them if they continue to buy time on networks that give Coulter time to spread her vicious hate for those with whom she disagrees. If anyone reading this has connections with Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars, or one of the other progressive blogs that can begin this project, please encourage them to do so.  I don’t have enough readers to organize something that big, but it needs to be done.



18 Jun

Through the magic of the Internets, I came across a copy of Michael Moore’s new film, SiCKO, and watched it this evening.

Holy crap.

Why do we Americans think we’re so arrogant that we know how to run healthcare better than any other industrialized nation? The Canadians, the British, the French, even the freakin’ Cubans seem to be doing a better job of caring for their people than we are. The difference is, they don’t do it for profit.

Oh, I know, some will say those doctors are getting screwed in those countries. Well, tell that to the British doctor who lives in a $500,000 house, earns somewhere between $100,000 and $200,000 a year, and drives a nicer Audi than I ever will. For God’s sake, even former PM Margaret Thatcher–who was as close to Ronald Reagan as any politician–pledged to preserve the British National Health Service.

When will we as a people–not “me” as a capitalist–say we’ve had enough and demand universal coverage? How many more people will have to die because some insurance company employee says “we disagree with your doctors (who have examined you) and don’t think you need this treatment” before we say we’ve had enough? Why is it we’re providing better health care to prisoners at Guantanamo Bay than we are to our own citizens?

How sick are we that we haven’t already said “enough!”?

How hard can it really be?

7 Jun

While the media loves to show video footage of firehoses being sprayed at protesters, the real story goes unreported.

Two years ago in Scotland, the G8 countries pledged to increase their aid to Africa in order to alleviate the extreme poverty suffered by its people.

They haven’t kept their word.

Is it that hard to do, to say to your legislators back home, something like “America (or whatever country) pledged to do the morally right thing. We are a moral people, and we will not back away from our commitment.”

Bush and his other friends who are convenient Christians need to re-read Matthew’s gospel, especially Chapter 25, Verses 30-end.  That goes for the other G8 “leaders” as well.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t added your name to the One Campaign’s declaration, you really should.