How hard can it really be?

7 Jun

While the media loves to show video footage of firehoses being sprayed at protesters, the real story goes unreported.

Two years ago in Scotland, the G8 countries pledged to increase their aid to Africa in order to alleviate the extreme poverty suffered by its people.

They haven’t kept their word.

Is it that hard to do, to say to your legislators back home, something like “America (or whatever country) pledged to do the morally right thing. We are a moral people, and we will not back away from our commitment.”

Bush and his other friends who are convenient Christians need to re-read Matthew’s gospel, especially Chapter 25, Verses 30-end.  That goes for the other G8 “leaders” as well.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t added your name to the One Campaign’s declaration, you really should.


2 Responses to “How hard can it really be?”

  1. cbaker June 8, 2007 at 6:55 am #

    I noticed something strange about the reporting on the G8 last night on ABC news. Charlie Gibson doesn’t call it “G8.” He calls it “the group of leading industrialized countries” or some such. You have to figure the G8 knows they have an image problem. They will tell you they have high ideals, but it’s really just a photo op.



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