It’s time for someone to organize a boycott

30 Jun

Ann Coulter is at it again. A while back, she refers to Sen. John Edwards as a “faggot.” This month, she says when she wants to say something about him, she’ll just wish he was killed in a terrorist attack.  She says that anyone named B. Hussein Obama should not use the words “hijack” and “religion” in the same sentence. Is this anything less than bigotry?

Where is the outrage?

When Don Imus said racist things about a basketball team, he got canned. So why does the same network that fired Imus continue to bring Coulter on? Why does any network give her a platform?

We need to hit the networks where they feel it–by telling their advertisers we’re not going to support them if they continue to buy time on networks that give Coulter time to spread her vicious hate for those with whom she disagrees. If anyone reading this has connections with Daily Kos, Crooks and Liars, or one of the other progressive blogs that can begin this project, please encourage them to do so.  I don’t have enough readers to organize something that big, but it needs to be done.


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