If you want to feel helpless and powerless…

3 Jul

Think about Africa. A continent of 53 nations, all with challenges of one kind or another. Poverty. Disease. Famine. Violence. Genocide. When we Americans think of Africa, we think of the source of the slaves in our shameful period of our history. We think of safaris, lions, elephants.

We don’t think of the millions of children who will die in the next 365 days because they can’t get lifesaving medicines. We don’t think of the large scale murder–the genocide–in Rwanda.

This continent is on fire, and something must be done.

There is hope, however. There are dozens of NGOs and movements trying to bring relief to this beautiful continent. Some of the best examples of hope come from Africans themselves. They have an unbreakable spirit revealed in their smiles.

Vanity Fair published a special issue guest edited by U2’s Bono this month. The great thing is that you can apparently read all of the articles–and more–online. Be warned, however, because you will be moved through many emotions by these articles. And you’ll want to do something. Fortunately, VF has an outstanding collection of resources at its web site that let you do a small something. A good number of them don’t ask for your money, they ask for your visible support. Sign an online petition or declaration. When you buy a new phone, buy a (Red) Motorola Razr (Catherine and I bought two of them last month) and a few bucks will go to the cause.

Don’t just sit there. Go and see what you can do to make a small difference.


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