In honor of Independence Day

3 Jul

A few items for your consideration:

A letter from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison

The Declaration of Independence

Common Sense

The Jefferson Hour Podcast 

My favorite among these is the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson wrote an amazing manifesto that called for turning the entire theory of government on its head. The idea that men (and women) have the right to alter or abolish their government was radical then and it’s still radical now.

Read it and tell me you don’t get goosebumps.

Many Americans will celebrate the holiday with cookouts, fireworks and waving the flag. Me, well, the wife and I will head over to Dad’s place for an afternoon cookout. And I’ll try to remember to put my flag outside tomorrow. But I also know that the way I want to celebrate July 4th is with a quiet prayer of thanksgiving and hope that we can rediscover the principles found in the Declaration and the preamble to the Constitution.


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