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I hope Nancy Pelosi really has a friend like this

20 Aug

Sen. Dodd 1, Bill O’Reilly 0

3 Aug

For those who don’t have all the facts, DailyKos is a progressive web site that has built a large community of people who want to change the direction of this country. As with any large community, some people are better at expressing their opinions than others. So, Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly has been criticizing the site and characterizing it as a “hate site.”

This is the second year that the community is holding an annual convention, and many of the Democratic candidates are going to speak to the convention. O’Reilly has been calling on them to not attend, saying it legitimizes the “hate site.” (He apparently forgets about Republican candidates going to Bob Jones University–where Bob Jones has called Roman Catholicism a false religion.)

Anyway, Senator Chris Dodd took out the driver and creamed O’Reilly the other night. Enjoy.