What’s the big deal about Linux?

8 Sep

I need some help here. I was playing around today using virtual machine software on my iMac to install Ubuntu, a free and downloadable version of Linux. It was a simple thing to do and it looks nice and appears to be stable. Other than the fact that Linux is free, why should I use that instead of Mac OS X? I’m not trying to be antagonistic, I’m just trying to figure out what the draw is when it comes to Linux. What can I do with Linux that I can’t do with Mac OS X?If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.  


One Response to “What’s the big deal about Linux?”

  1. opit September 8, 2007 at 6:09 pm #

    Linux comes in many flavours. It is an outgrowth of systems used by scientist and geeks to communicate for years now. For a Mac user I would think the attraction would be limited – although a download of KDE and Mandriva sounds more attractive than Ubuntu. All these are pretty much free of the ever-present patching nonsense one gets with Microsoft – and are much less prepared for use than either Mac or Windows.
    Haunt Tech Republic, ZD Net or another computer worker site for a bit for more perspective. Oh yeah. Linux is much more resource-efficient generally. It gives a bigger bang on smaller computers.

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