Once again, the Dems disappoint

21 Sep

I can’t decide what is more discouraging today. That roughly half of the Senate Democrats voted to condemn MoveOn.org’s NYTimes ad rather than hammering the right wing with the fact that General Petraeus’s data was cherry picked? Or that Majority Leader Reid even let it come up for a vote in the first place? Or that it even made it out of the Senate Armed Services Committee?

My hat is off to Sen. Obama–he at least called the stupid resolution for what it was, a cheap political stunt, and refused to even vote.

These idiot Dems never learn: when the Repubs start attacking MoveOn.org’s ad as being “anti-military,” you don’t cower and think “oh, we’d better go along with this or we’ll get killed.” You pivot and attack: “General Petraeus’s report called for more of the same failed policy, and thank God someone outside Washington is willing to say it. Our troops should come home now.” Two simple sentences containing only three clauses. A 3.7 second sound bite.

But no, even when these boobs are in the majority, they still act like victims of abuse and they’ll do anything the right wing wants them to do.

Yeah, Harry, you fools have time to vote on these stupid resolutions, but apparently not enough time to get the real job done.

Don’t even get me started on how the Dems don’t call out the Repubs on their hypocrisy: using the filibuster to prevent a vote on bringing the troops home, requiring that they be allowed to spend some time with their families before being rotated back to Iraq, etc., after they screamed about how the filibuster is “unconstitutional” and thwarting the will of the majority.

Bah. We need to get some people with real backbone into the Congress.


One Response to “Once again, the Dems disappoint”

  1. eric September 21, 2007 at 8:42 pm #

    You claim Petraeus’s data was “cherry picked.” Do you have evidence of this?

    Or is the fact that anything you disagree with is automatically wrong?

    It is one thing to criticize the President. It is another to smear people. Bring evidence from a reputable source, aka not Moveon or Kos, (that is opinion).

    Petraeus claimed he wrote the report himself, and I have no evidence to believe otherwise.

    eric http://www.blacktygrrrr.wordpress.com

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