Here we go again

3 Oct

The Senate voted 92-3 yesterday for an appropriations bill that includes another $200 million for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Roll over and die, Dems, way to go.

As further proof the Dems are spineless, after Rush Limbaugh refers to soldiers favoring withdrawal from Iraq as “phony soldiers,” what do the Dems do? Nothing. Oh–wait. Harry Reid went to the Senate floor and said Rush was insulting the troops. Hey Harry, why not introduce a resolution condemning Rush like the Cornyn resolution condemning

It’s soooo discouraging. Do the Dems not want to fight, or don’t they know how? One would think after several years of getting their asses kicked by the Reps that they’d have some idea of how it’s done. We need a new leader in the Senate.

Meanwhile, I’m giving my political dollars to


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