Scurrilous attacks on Obama

9 Jan

I received the following via one of those ever-forwarded email chains. How sad that a person’s faith is being attacked because they can’t attack the validity of his ideas and hopes for this country.

> More scary stuff!!
> During this campaign for the Presidency, It’s interesting that so much
> has been made of Mitt Romney’s Mormom religion, while we hear so little
> of Barack Obama’s, outside of the denials of his being Muslim.
> However, if you look more closely at Trinity United Church of Christ,
> Obama’s church, it sounds more like a racist cult than anything else,
> with a committment, not to America, but to Africa. Scary, when you
> consider this man could be the President of this United States.
> Obama mentioned his church during his appearance with Oprah. It’s the
> Trinity Church of Christ. I found this interesting.
> Obama’s church: Please read and go to this church’s website and read
> what is wr itten there. It is very alarming. Barack Obama is a member of
> this church and is running for President of the U.S. If you look at the
> first page of their website, you will learn that this congregation has
> a non-negotiable commitment to Africa. No where is AMERICA even
> mentioned.
> Notice too, what color you will need to be if you should want to join
> Obama’s church… B-L-A-C-K!!!
> Doesn’t look like his choice of religion has improved much over his
> (former?) Muslim upbringing.
> This guy desires to rule over America while his loyalty is totally
> vested in a Black Africa!
> I cannot believe this has not been all over the TV and newspapers. This
> is why it is so important to pass this message along to all of our
> family & friends. To think that Obama has even the slightest chance in
> the run for the presidency, is really scary.
> C lick on the link below:
> This is th e web page for the church Barack Obama belongs to:


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