Would their mothers be proud of their behavior?

8 Feb

Today, Ann Coulter throws another anti-gay slur at John Edwards and tosses in a racial comment about Barack Obama as well.

Ten years ago, John McCain made a cruel, horrible joke about Chelsea Clinton during a speech.

This year, when a person at a town meeting asks John McCain “how do we beat the bitch,” he thinks it’s an excellent question. Wouldn’t a real leader gently scold that person and say something about how it’s inappropriate to lower the level of civil discourse that way?

What I don’t get is if a guy like Don Imus can get in trouble for making equally tasteless comments in public, why don’t Coulter and McCain get in trouble? Even NBC’s David Shuster, who made a comment that Chelsea Clinton appears to be “pimped out” while campaigning for her mother, got himself yanked off the air except to apologize.


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