God, Part 3

19 Feb

Without naming names, I learn today that a local county council member has decided to run against a state representative because “God told him to” during the night.

Dear Lord…some of your followers are nuts.

I don’t have a problem with people talking to God. I do it myself–it’s called prayer. Sometimes it’s more formalized, like attending Mass or saying the Our Father. Sometimes it’s just meandering thoughts. But I don’t claim to be so important that God talks back to me and tells me to do things.

Does this local politician (or any of these “God told me X” people) think that with all that’s going on in the world, with all the people suffering because of poverty, famine, disease, war, genocide, or just generally not doing well, with all the prayers that God must be hearing every minute of every day–does this guy really think that God ignores all of that so He can tell this guy to run for state representative?

When will the insanity stop? There is not one bit of scriptural basis to support the proposition that God tells us what He wants us to do on a daily basis. The Gospels and New Testament lay out a very good set of guidelines to follow (do unto others, love your neighbor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc.).

I am tired of these so-called “Christians” hijacking religion, no, desecrating religion for the purpose of getting votes. God is not a Republican, or a Democrat. He’s not even an American–people in Europe who believe in God don’t think that God is French or Italian. But we Americans seem to have our collective heads on backwards when it comes to how we think of God.

May God give me strength…


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