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We must stop the madness

27 Mar

2rhmvea.gifUsually I rant about the madness in the political arena, but this time it’s Disney madness.

Some folks at Disney got the idea that the classic Disneyland attraction, It’s A Small World, should be “updated” by removing some scenes and sticking Disney characters into it. Yes, everyone makes fun of the song, and frankly, when I’m at Walt Disney World, I won’t even go on the ride.

But at Disneyland it’s different. It’s special, heart-warming, even dare I say, magical. It’s great.
And now they want to screw it up.  They want to remove the humorous “rain forest” section. They even want to add an “Up with the USA” section. What the hell?

Fortunately, you can click on the image above and go to the Save the Small World web site and take advantage of the contact information to let Disney know it’s making a huge mistake.

Walt must be spinning in his grave.


Bad Democrats

11 Mar

Glenn Greenwald over at nails it right on the head in this article. The entire article is worth reading (it’s not that long) but here’s the money quote:

As this week’s red-district election to Congress of anti-telecom-amnesty candidate Bill Foster demonstrates, they’re not doing these things because it’s politically necessary. There doing it because more than enough Democrats believe in the virtues of telecom amnesty and warrantless eavesdropping–just as they believe in the continued occupation of Iraq, the abolition of habeas corpus, the “enhanced interrogation techniques” authorized by the Military Commissions Act, concealing Bush’s illegal eavesdropping programs, and a long array of other radical Bush policies that now have bipartisan Congressional support.

I wondered whether Joe Donnelly, my congressional representative, falls into this category. Last week I was ready to write Donnelly a letter telling him he no longer has my financial support. But then, figuring I should know some facts first, I did some research. On a good number of issues, Donnelly votes along with the Congressman that I use as a yardstick, Robert Wexler (D-FL). Donnelly even voted in favor of the House bringing legal action to have Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten held in contempt of Congress.

But the web site shows that Donnelly votes most consistently with Indiana’s Brad Ellsworth (a theoretical Democrat). Firedoglake has identified six House Democrats who need to get punished for their activities (by way of an advertising campaign in their district), and Ellsworth is one of them.

And when Donnelly gets praise from the right-wing National Review, it’s time to stop wondering and start worrying.

The morning after

5 Mar

After yesterday’s primaries and caucuses in Ohio and Texas (plus Rhode Island and Vermont), I’m a little unhappy. A couple of reasons lurk behind my disgruntledness with the results. One, it appears that even though the math shows that Hillary Clinton can’t get enough delegates to win the nomination, she will be moving forward–apparently hoping the super-delegates will go to her side.

If this happens, then I foresee several problems–all of which benefit John McCain in November. For one, we will have a convention fight. Those are never healthy for a candidate’s chances in the general election. Another problem is that we will continue to have weeks and months of negative campaigning–Clinton’s ads or Obama’s ads that attack the other can become fodder for McCain to use. That’s not going to be healthy for our chances in November. (Did anyone else want to open a vein [not necessarily one’s own] when Hillary Clinton said the other day that John McCain has more experience than Barack Obama? Talk about an endorsement of the opponent!]

My third worry is that if we do end up with a convention fight, whoever comes out with the nomination will not be seen as legitimately chosen by the voters. There will always be a stigma–and that won’t help us. So many new people have become involved in politics thanks to Senator Obama, and I worry that an ugly convention will turn them off.

Of course, I’m merely echoing what plenty of pundits have already said, but these things do worry me.