We must stop the madness

27 Mar

2rhmvea.gifUsually I rant about the madness in the political arena, but this time it’s Disney madness.

Some folks at Disney got the idea that the classic Disneyland attraction, It’s A Small World, should be “updated” by removing some scenes and sticking Disney characters into it. Yes, everyone makes fun of the song, and frankly, when I’m at Walt Disney World, I won’t even go on the ride.

But at Disneyland it’s different. It’s special, heart-warming, even dare I say, magical. It’s great.
And now they want to screw it up.  They want to remove the humorous “rain forest” section. They even want to add an “Up with the USA” section. What the hell?

Fortunately, you can click on the image above and go to the Save the Small World web site and take advantage of the contact information to let Disney know it’s making a huge mistake.

Walt must be spinning in his grave.


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