To hell with Hillary Clinton

19 Apr

I can’t tolerate it any longer. Senator Clinton, who has been campaigning as if she’s the Republican in this race for a while now, has attacked the Democratic voters who want to change the direction of this country. She stood by while George Stephanopolous and Charles Gibson hit Obama with stupid questions during the debate. Her supporters have threatened House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, saying that if Hillary is not the nominee, they will withhold funds from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee–and just this weekend, it appears those supporters are now threatening DNC chair Howard Dean as well.

Hillary thinks that somehow she has this divine right to be President.

Bullcrap. Pure, unadulterated bullcrap.

It has come out that she’s blasted (an organization created to help her husband during the impeachment mess, for God’s sake!!!) for being “activist” in the party and messing up her campaign. Good move, Senator Dimwit–alienate those whose votes you’ll need in the increasingly unlikely chance you’re the nominee.

Senator Tweedledum, when Georgie and Charlie were asking inane questions during this past week’s debate, why didn’t you speak up and say “Gentlemen, Senator Obama and I came here to debate the real issues confronting this nation, not to play games with these trivial little press items.” Doing so would have made you look smart, but maybe you’re not that bright.

Senator Nincompoop, why haven’t you told your donors that even if you’re not the nominee, this nation needs a Democratic Congress, so leave Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Dean alone? Perhaps you really don’t care about this nation.

One of my biggest complaints about the Republicans who are in DC today is that they are not interested in governing this nation. They’re interested in ruling. They want the power, and they don’t care how bad they foul things up to keep the power. What’s good for the country isn’t good enough for them.

But now, Senator Clinton, you’re behaving the same way. You’re interested only in winning–at any cost. You don’t give a damn about the things you say are important to you. How about Roe v. Wade? If your supporters end up handing the Senate to the Republicans, do you think you’ll see Justices Stevens and Ginsburg–who are just barely holding on, praying for a Democrat to win the White House–replaced by like-minded jurists? If you do, you’re either blinded by your own ambition or you’re as dumb as the average paperweight.

Senator, there is only one way that you would ever–ever–get my vote in November. That’s if, by some miracle, Indiana just might throw its electoral votes to you instead of Senator McCain. Otherwise, I’m not voting for you. I’ll never vote for McCain, but today I can’t say that you’re not just as bad as he is. You may say you want to do X, Y and Z for this country, but your behavior tells me that you believe it’s YOU who has the sole right to do X, Y and Z–and you’ll do everything you can to make sure that Senator Obama cannot do X, Y and Z if he wins the nomination or even the White House.

You, Senator, are no patriot, and you should be ashamed.


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