Less enthusiasm about Barack Obama

8 Jul

Unlike many pundits, I don’t think that Barack Obama has shifted to the center now that he has secured the Democratic nomination. Recalling back to Obama’s excellent speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Obama has always been somewhat of a centrist, even if a liberal-leaning one.

My enthusiasm has died a bit lately, though. It’s not over this so-called “shift.” Rather, it is that Obama seems to be giving up on the strategy that got him to the nomination: don’t look like a typical politician. Obama pledged earlier to filibuster any bill that provides telecommunication companies with retroactive immunity for their illegal spying. Now he’s backed away from that, giving McCain’s people fodder and earning the “flip-flopper” label. (I know, I know–John McCain has flip-flopped so much it’s not even funny. But just try to get someone in the so-called liberal media to report on it.)

When Gen. Wes Clark hammered a point about McCain’s qualifications (saying that being shot down over Vietnam and being a POW are not things that qualify one to be president–you have to look at other qualifications), people in the Obama camp called Clark’s comments “unhelpful.” What the hell?

Obama is becoming like other politicians–he’s listening to these morons inside the beltway who managed to LOSE TO GEORGE W. BUSH TWICE. Talk about qualifications…Bob Shrum et al. should be run out of town on a rail.

Senator Obama needs to get back on track, stop listening to those who have never won a presidential election, and get into his mode of being an agent of change–not another politician listening to the so-called experts.


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