Today, I hate Apple, Inc.

10 Jul

Keep in mind that the opposite of love is not hate–it’s apathy.

I love Apple. I’ve been an Apple junkie/enthusiast/user since probably 1982 or so. I probably can’t count all the Apple computers that my family and I have owned over the years, starting with the Apple ][ +. That was replaced by an Apple //e, I bought an original 128K Macintosh, the //e was replaced with a IIgs, my 128K mac was upgraded to a Macintosh Plus (which I still own). I’ve owned a Mac IIsi, a gaggle of laptops, a bunch of desktops, a couple of Newtons, and a handful or two of iPods. To adapt a cliché, back in the day if you had cut me, I would have bled Apple multicolors.

I skipped over getting an iPhone last year because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take it with me into most courthouses. I don’t want a phone with me in the courthouse, but if it has my calendar on it, I sort of need it. The iPod touch made a nice compromise.

But now I want an iPhone 3G. I want to carry only one device around with me–and have it with the convenience of a phone. Our local federal court has adopted a change to its rules to permit attorneys to bring cell phones into the building, which is not a big surprise given that our chief judge is a tech junkie himself. (I ran into him on the street one day as he was walking to a lunch meeting and noticed the unmistakable white Apple iPod ear buds that he was using. I smiled at that.)

So, I want an iPhone, and I’m even willing to bite the bullet for a few months and pay for two cell services for several months.

But today I’m hating Apple. Not for their products, but for their decision to use AT&T as the cell carrier. You see, I’m really, really honked off at AT&T for their participation in Bush’s illegal wiretapping program. I’m really angry too that they spent millions to lobby Congress to get immunity for their law-breaking. (Next time you get a speeding ticket, try to see how much you’d have to pay your legislators to get the speed limit changed. It’s nice to know that the big corporations can get away with stuff that we mere mortals (and voters) cannot.) I do not want to give AT&T any of my money. It kills me to pay them each month for the phone service we have to have. (VOIP isn’t an option since we need a phone line to the security service.)

So Apple, I hate you for putting me in this position. I want to indulge my lust for Apple’s excellent product, but I can’t do it without paying AT&T. If I give in, am I compromising my principles? Probably. But as one person put it, refusing the new iPhone would be like cutting off my nose to spite my face–not because I lust after the product, but because the product can help me get things done in my work.

I’ll have to sort this out. Maybe I will get a new iPhone and use it, in part, to blog about how much AT&T sucks. 🙂


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