More reasons to grumble about Apple and the iPhone

14 Jul

So I thought about it all weekend, and decided that the utility of the new iPhone is something I can justify. And, I can get around my anti-AT&T feelings by using the iPhone to blog here about how AT&T broke the law and is getting away with it.

Of course, here in South Bend, Indiana, our closest Apple Store is 90 minutes (at least) away, in downtown Chicago. So I’d have to go to one of the two local AT&T stores. Neither of which, by the way, have any iPhones in stock, and they don’t know when they’ll show up again. Could be seven to ten days, I guess.

Word on the Internet is that the AT&T stores received minimal shipments of iPhones–if a particular store was slated to receive any at all.

Because AT&T doesn’t want people “jail breaking” the iPhones (to use with another carrier, for example), you can get the devices only at an Apple Store or an AT&T store where the thing will be activated on the spot. No option here. Phooey.

Oh well, just another reason to not carry a cell phone, I guess.


2 Responses to “More reasons to grumble about Apple and the iPhone”

  1. Dad July 27, 2008 at 9:32 am #

    Or you could buy the I phone, not subscribe to AT&T and just carry the phone with you and pretend you are talking into it. No one will know the difference but you. You can talk all day long and it won’t cost you a penny.


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