Galileo was right–accept it and move on

27 Sep

Just when you thought things could not get any crazier…I learned over the weekend that South Bend is going to be the location of the first conference on geocentrism. For those who aren’t aware, geocentrism is the belief/argument/position that the Earth is the center of, well, everything. Despite hundreds of years of actual, empirical science, these folks maintain that the sun, the planets, the galaxy all revolve around the earth. The conference bills itself as a Catholic conference, but I think the Vatican observatory would disagree with the conferees’ papers and presentations.

It seems likely that the geocentrists are an offshoot or subset of the creationists. Either way, it’s disturbing that Americans’ ability to reason critically has fallen to this low level. There are people who still believe that the earth is flat. Sadly, I bet the local media covers this conference and thus gives legitimacy to the group’s views–all in the name of telling “both sides” of the story. Never mind that one of the “sides” is demonstrably wrong and is a fringe of a fringe movement.

The real challenge here is that these folks are not likely to change their views, regardless of the facts. You cannot reason a person out of a position that he or she did not reason himself or herself into. And when the conference attendees point out that their position is “correct” because the Bible backs them up, there’s no way to even argue with them. All we can do is hope that they stay out of the science classrooms in our schools.


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